About Us

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog!

Expressions Photography is a husband/wife team (or maybe that should read wife/husband team since Andrea is the actual owner) whose inspiration comes from their love for God and using photography to capture images that will be a reminder to their clients of the wonderful moments in their lives when they felt extremely blessed.

Weddings are our mains focus and we are always so honored and excited when a couple chooses us to be responsible for the incredible opportunity to photograph their wedding! One of the single most important days of their life! When they do, it becomes our thrill to make sure the memories of that day are captured for them to look back and remember exactly what they were doing and feeling in each of those moments. We dream that the images we deliver to them will be a constant reminder of the love they felt for each other that day, and it will keep the passion from that day alive.

Andrea is also extremely fond of little newborn babies, and gets giddy every time a tiny little brand new bundle comes into the studio for portraits. She is always looking for creative ways to make that very first portrait session special.

Along with Andrea is Philip. Philip is the other photographer as well as the technical part of the team, along with the same level of passion for the photographic art and emotion Andrea has.

Together we strive to be fun and down to earth, fueled partly by a quirky sense of humor. (Some people call it corny) During a session with us, you will find we like to compete with each other to find the pose or shot that is the “pick of the session” that will be featured on our facebook page or blog. Even with our kidding around, we are serious about what we do, because we know the images we are capturing will be some of the most cherished keepsakes our clients will ever have.

If you have any questions about us and what we do, please contact us! Thank you for spending your valuable time checking us out!









2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. We are having a small church wedding in cimarron ks. Would like some prices. June 16 is the date. Don’t need a lot of fancy pictures but a few would be nice. If u need to talk to me, call 620 2559747.

    • Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on this, we have been waiting on replies from a couple of photographer friends of ours. We are already contracted for June 16, so we were trying to find someone to refer you to, but all the photographers we feel comfortable offering up as referrals are contracted on that date as well. Sorry we couldn’t help you with this! Congratulations and best wishes to you!

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